The Day I Visited Mao's Village

It's Simply Astonishing To Have Such A Great Time.

 The Day I went to Mao Zedong's Hometown.
I realized that visiting Mao's Village was a great honor for me not only to understand the history of His life but also see the reality of the History.

Meno Silva (Venilale Furak)

My Autobiography

My complete name is Filomeno Joaquim da Silva, people used to call me Meno Silva, I was born in a small village called  Venilale on 28th May, 1994, now I am 21 years old and I am a single man, as we knew that Venilale is the place which is very cold, currently I live in Dili. I have an extended family there are nine members of my family: my parents and I have 6 siblings, and I am the 4th Son. My parents are Joaquim da Silva as a teacher and Ana Rufina Soares as a housewife. We live in a simple Family.  When I was a little boy, I didn’t know what was a school for?  And when my parents enrolled me to study in primary school, at the first time of the first year of school, I was 6. I began to study there in 2000, our school named EPC Lia-Ho’o. Before I went and entered to the class, that time my father used to encourage and taught me how to write and spelled all the alphabets and count numbers started from 1-100 by using Portuguese. When I was in first to third of my primary I used to cry at those moments because I was so scared and felt ashamed with the teachers. After at all I was begun understand and I didn’t afraid anymore with the teachers because they were so good.

I was so excited about going to school because I met and had a lot of friends, playing with friends at the playground was the best moment that I really missed so much. And I was so diligent of coming to school every day when I was in fourth to sixth years. Because I could get and learned many lessons and attended the extra times in order to increase my knowledge and prepared myself for the next time. Unfortunately when I was late for the first time in my school and I was suspended by our Director for one week. I realized that in my whole life I couldn’t do anything like that and started learning how to manage the time. I was very happy because I could graduate from that school in 2006, that time I was 11 years old. Those were my good and bad experiences that I had in my primary school.

I began my junior high school in Saint Cristov√£o of Venilale, I was moving to a new building and met new teachers and had new friends came from different places. I used to go to school by Microlet as the public transportation but sometimes just walked, my school was far from my house it took 30 minutes. Junior high school was the best year of my life, I love the way when I was in junior high school. It had its bad moments and its good moments. My first day, I admitted I was a little nervous at my class we had a whole day of activities so we could get to know each other better, I knew a few people there, but that was my primary school was still very closed. Unfortunately, I used to escape from the class, because I didn’t like to learn English, however, I was very happy because my junior high school experience was pretty average.

As the time passed away, in 2010 I begun my senior high school in Essa-Baucau. As we knew that in senior high school we couldn’t act childish or play around with friends. I have just focusedb on my studies that could help me to learn more of  the best experiences and how to take responsibility for my attitudes as a mature man. I still remembered the many things that I did in my school, generally since for the first year until I graduated from that school in 2012. The best experiences I have had when I asked to talk to classes, the teachers were really interested in hesitating and wanted me to help them. I received postcards and presents afterwards and brought me back my faith in teachers again. I also took a class in presentation and everyone had to make presentation. I took a lot of  things at, try, feel and listen to make them concentrate on other things but myself and my speech walked around a lot of using body language, when I was finished, I was shaking all over.      

Afterwards, in 2013 to 2014 I entered to National University of Timor-Leste (UNTL), I have studied there for third semesters, then I decided to leave from that school, the reason why I left my school because, we got a scholarship from the government through the Ministry of Education  in order to study in Manila, but finally our Government made an analyze while ignoring that scholarship because they used the amounts of money of scholars in order to contribute for the improvements of ZEMS Oecussi. I was disappointed with my life, because I have failed in everything. But I didn’t give up for my life and my dreams, and I believe that there is many chance for me in order to give the best challenges and improvements of my life and my lovely country Timor-Leste.

Now I Study In China.